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Friday, December 17, 2004

Is it Ann (or Andrew) Coulter? Maybe steroid abuse for (Ms. to) Mr. Arnold?

Le Femme # 1 and/or 'twins?

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Is it Ann (or Andrew) Coulter, media marvel?
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Maybe steroid abuse for (Ms. to) Mr. Arnold?


Only the GOP knows? Do they know anything about
anything these days? But then, a conservative knows
everything about everything. Just ask them, they'll
tell you. If not call "Fox" & they'll read you the RNC
talking points for the day. Or just make it up for you.

Well, the word is out in the public media, after having
floated around in cyber-space for sometime. Ms. Ann
Coulter has an official, yes, "adams apple." A physical
attribute know only in medical science as part of the
male species. Sorry, Ann. But on national T.V., what
did you expect. Good job though, you wear it well. I
was confused for several years. And, after all, this
is American, land of freedom & opportunity. Be as
you be. Or whatever, as long as you're protected
by the Constitution. You know, that trash you do
like to burn. Maybe there's hope. Drudge always
was a host to have you, one on one, on late night.

After Mr. Kerik failed to vet his background, our
opinion, all resumes of the republicans are now
in question. For example, the present governor,
recall, out west. Anybody checked his real birth
certificate? Not the copy he provided for moving
here, several years ago? But, in the 'ole country.

Besides, since Arnold has launched a campaign
to amend Article 2, Clause 5 of the United States
U.S. Constitution that bars foreign usurpers from
becoming President. And we still have time, why
not re-check a few key points on his resume?


"...No country in the world would even consider
having a foreigner as their President or their
Prime Minister."

"On top of it all, Arnold Schwarzenegger has
never given up his dual-citizenship with Austria,
and he is continually involved in Austria's internal
politics. The Arnold camp has talked about how,
if he can't become US President he might move
back to Austria and become President there. Good."

"Good riddance...After all, Arnold has campaigned in
Austria before...for nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim."

"At the height of an international scandal in 1986
Arnold said in front of a crowd of family, friends and
news media that he didn't care about Waldheim's
nazi past, he was going to support him. He was
even on campaign posters."

"Even if you want to ignore all of the evidence
showing what a dark character Schwarzenegger
is, then pay attention to the polls which indicate
that the vast majority of Americans, even naive
Arnold supporters don't want him to be President."

"Arnold's people certainly know this. That's why
they've had everybody from Sen[.] John McCain,
Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Orin Hatch, to
Congressman Dana Rohrbacher out stumping
for him...prior to his high-level political operatives
launching this transparently fake ("grassroots")
campaign, Amend for Arnold...and, as Arnold has
said, ("where there's smoke there's fire,") his
admission that he has used steroids makes him
a horrible role model to children and athletes."

"It just goes on and on...Scores of prominent
people on both sides of the political spectrum
have written editorials and appeared on television
decrying Arnold's reprehensible behavior."

"All of that ended when he was elected Governor."

"Now the mainstream media fawns at [his] feet,
despite the fact that polls show that 80+ percent
of Americans are opposed to [having] a foreign
born President. Even more are opposed in polls
where Arnold is mentioned...".

"("What is this, a sick joke? would
even entertain the idea of having a foreigner for
President. And who is the elite pushing? Arnold
Schwarzenegger -- who has more skeletons in
and out of the closet than a mausoleum.")" (1)


Could one of those skeletons be gender related?


"All conservatives are such from personal defects.
They have been effeminate by position or nature,
born halt and blind, through luxury of their parents,
and can only, like invalids, act on the defensive."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


"This Austrian-born actor began his career as a
body-builder, ultimately winning several titles
for his strength and magnificently sculpted body,
including {"Mr. World,"} {"Mr. Universe,"} [--]
(five times) and {"Mr. Olympia (seven times)."}"

"As a shy boy, afraid of his father, he turned
to lifting weights. He moved to...U.S. in 1968
where, for a {"day job,"}...started a bricklaying
business...laying the foundation for the career
that eventually brought him fame and fortune."

"In 1970 he appeared in a low-budget film,
{"Hercules Goes to New York."}
The film was not notable...". (2)

(1) source: "Arnold Exposed, Save The Constitution
Expose Arnold" [@] Arnold
(2)"Arnold Schwarzenegger Born 30 July 1947,
04.10 am Graz, Austria..."

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