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Monday, December 20, 2004

Moderate politician: a conservative that's too liberal to admit it.

20-Dec-04 (blog-usa) title:

Today's definition of a Moderate politician:
a conservative that's too liberal to admit it.

For example, moderates never hold any such
majority in anything. Especially the Congress.

In order to pass any legislature with their own
party, either one, they have to be conservative.

The major exception is in regards to funding
or regulations regarding lobbying. Then they
are not conservative, moderate, or a liberal.

They become radicals, extremists. Meaning a
lot more spending, (e.g. wasting,) for support
of just about anything any lobbyist is wanting.

While Democrats do it well and probably do
have more moderates, than conservatives,
the Re'publicans have become the masters.

All in just twenty, short, extremely costly
years. Now debt plied upon debt. War to.

Not only in terms of taxpayer's money.

Voting citizen's in poverty too.

Homelessness worker's as well.

With church goer's not exempt.

Just right across the street from the
White House. Or the people's house.

You will never see a tour of park people
walking through the halls of Congress.

Nor will they soon sip any egg-nog within
the confinds of any Presidential Oval Office.

Or will they likely sit in wonder at all the
historical marvels found in court rooms
across America. By candles, or by a tree.

Instead, they will sit in fear of imprison.

They will be (not-seen) by those across
the walkway, or the blocked-off streets.

And they will certainly not receive shelter
from any public assistance. Maybe private.

Sorry Dorothy, no moderates in Kansas.

Especially, not a grinch like Mr. Bob Dole.

Moderates say, the government doesn't
work that way. We're just a compromise
away from a solution. Now at 20-years &
counting. More like a roadmap to bank-
rupting a country under a political mount
of debt. But, then it's Christmas, so we'll try
be nice, say no more, pay tell, or nevermore.

Instead, you will find the politic' likes of a
group in denial. Meaning now in dysfunction.

And in order to function, as a major minority
they must always still support all conservative
social issues. Not the moderate ones, or other.

Especially now, pending the cutting of help
for the poor, the less fortunate, the disabled
and the handicapped, especially our veterans.

Which by our honest Christians, is now okay.

And instead, they must as well support
the big-liberal spending programs and
the excessive, or rich, tax eliminations.

Or uphold some moral position while
living just the opposite life style. Taking
more and giving less. While speaking
one thing and voting another. Claiming
some kind of necessary political comprise.

While supported by a majority of nothing.

Either in principle, or by ethical founding.

Then using legislature as a club against
legal rights, judges of principles, and any
person that may have been seriously hurt.

Thus protecting the large insurance
corporations, careless & bad doctors
or lobbyists, by action, just stealing us
in the night. Weak environment records.

So the next time the so-called moral
and conservative majority of fantasy
sends out one of their mod' puppets

to parrot a few words in their defense.

Just remember the last time you
went out and purchased anything.

Or a moderate item. It cost you more
than the last time you paid, or charged it.

And contained more air, than before too.

In other words, you just paid more for less.

That's why, we believe, that all moderate
politicians are just a conservative that is
too liberal to admit it. And/or just another
person in denial, or a political dysfunction.

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