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Sunday, December 05, 2004

"Now President Bush, is 'outsourcing' on Osama bin Laden..."


2004-12-05 title: ['04(c)blog-usa(d)'04]

"Apparant President Bush, indifferant to Musharraf's
still as 'friendly' with Osama bin Laden connections?!"

World News, WASHINGTON -

"The search for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden
has gone cold and there is no indication of his
whereabouts, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf
told the Washington Post in an interview published on

Stated that "("[bin Ladin] is alive, but more than that,
where he is, no, it'll be just a guess and it won't have
much basis,") Musharraf was quoted as saying in the

Meaning, that he has some "basis" to access "is alive."

"Musharraf met on Saturday with U.S. President G.
W. Bush, who praised his ally's efforts in the war on
terrorism and the search for bin Laden...".

Example of 'Bush's RNC - USA' double-standard"

"("The [Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf] has been
a determined leader to bring to justice not only people

like Osama bin Laden, but to bring to justice those who
would inflict harm and pain on his own people [added,
or India],") Bush said after [U.S./Pakistani] meeting in
the Oval Office."

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