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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Our Federal Department of [More, Inc.] Homeland Security

29-Dec-04 (blog-usa_op) title:

Our Federal Department of [more-R-less] Homeland Security


In a recent draft review about this Department of Homeland
Security, it revealed that federal grants for improving security
had been poorly coordinated & blamed the staff for problems.

More like a management problem, as Homeland Security is
one of the highest funded federal departments today. So a
claim of inadequate staffing, as to say, may be just a stretch.

However, and not surprisingly, the report re-enforces federal
management issues, or concerns of many, about our security.

Adding just another layer of federal management under one
director only makes the department slower and top heavier.

The (AP) reported today (December 29th, 2004) that;

"...Homeland Security Depart-ment has allowed federal
grants for improving security at America's ports to be
spent on low priority problems rather than the most
serious vulnerabilities...".

Noting that in "...a draft report to be re-leased next month,
Homeland Security Department Inspec-tor General [Name]
says port security spending should be governed by the most
pressing priorities rath-er than local politics." And blamed,

"...Inadequate staff-ing and poor coordination." Adding then
that "...the department's port security grant program needs
better oversight to make sure projects that get money meet
security goals." Meaning, some form of review/accountability.

Inspector, as noted, further concluded that the "("...DHS does
not have a strong grant evaluation pro-cess in place by which
to ad-dress post-award administra-tion issues, including mea-
suring progress in accom-plishing DHS' grant objec-tives,")...
[as the (AP) reportly] said in a recent summary of the report."


No doubt now questioned by the RNC/GOP's press secretary
as to the motive and/or intent of having such oversight for this
administration, the white house, and to most of the congress.'.