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Monday, December 27, 2004

Santa Bush's national radio address: "We Have a Duty..."

27-Dec-04 (blog-usa_op_re) title:

Santa Bush's national radio address: "We Have a Duty..."


"After spending a long Christmas weekend at Camp David,
the Bushes fly today to their home in Crawford, Tex., where
they are scheduled to remain until Jan[uary the 2nd, 2005
or not until after the New Year has already come and gone]."

"Aides said no official work was planned for Bush's holiday
vacation...". Reflective to - of the August 6th, 2001 vacation.


"Bush also assured U.S. troops overseas that they are
in the thoughts and prayers of their fellow Americans."

"...a theme of Bush's annual Christmas messages
and came [again, just] days after a suicide bombing
at a U.S. military dining hall in Iraq [had just] killed
22 people, including 14 U.S. service members...".



No proof, or evidence has been found to exist to support
the reasoning for going to war in Iraq. As presented by
the President to the American people. Likewise for the
reasons, as then stated, by Congress of the United States.

Yet - and instead of requiring more proof. Our Congress,
by deed, required less proof than say for -- aid to Alaska.

Or as we all know it (pork-spending), who likewise by
deed, Sen. John McCain does support -- despite past
campaigning promises to the contrary. McCain is OK
with a war costing millions of debt dollars and 1,000's
of American lives. Plus and in fact, wants to escalate it.


A Happy New Year from the RNC/GOP, means more of
the same-old-stuff. A blind leader, talking to a deaf house.

reference credit: "At Christmas,
Bush Urges Aid to the Needy ('We Have a Duty to Our
Fellow Citizens,') He Tells Americans in Radio Address"
By Alan Cooperman [-] Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, December 26, 2004; Page A12
© 2004 The Washington Post Company[.]
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