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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

UNCONSTITUTIONAL for Courts to block or stop vote count.

22-Dec-04 (blog-usa) title:

In the event of any election and to decide otherwise, it would be

UNCONSTITUTIONAL for any Court to block votes, or to stop

votes from being counted. Or to decide when, or if, or why count.


It is as clear as it can be made that under the United States
Constitution each and every Citizen has a right to vote. That
right can't be legislatively or judicially denied, or taken away.

By right means that any vote, by whatever method including
just an [x] mark beside a name handwritten on just a scrap
piece of paper. Neither party has the right to deny any such
vote, or for that matter, no right to legally challenge as vote.

And as such, the Courts do not have the legal authority to
even decide whether any vote will -- or will not be counted.

Because judges are appointed by elected officials. Not by
an act of God or some alien independent force. It is clearly
the most profound conflict of interest for any justice, either
general or supreme, to grant oneself over the hand that did
in fact, appoint that self to their position, directly or indirect.

A vote is cast and, a vote, is to be counted.

Each has a receipt that then is to be attached to the total
summary count sheet. Imagine, one vote equals one vote.

No non/paper touch-screen voting can ever allowed, or under
any circumstances in a democratic society of law, to be counted
as a legal valid vote, unless it has a paper receipt, no exceptions.

No more than any advocate would ever allow any purchase at
a store to occur without a paper receipt that showed the item
and amount cost as paid, and then change returned, if any, or
for the method of payment. Never would be allowed by anyone.

Yet votes since FY-2000 do not seem to count the same as a
$1.00 retail or grocery purchase in the eyes of those now trying
to block vote counts. To question vote counts, or to file a action.

Especially by those that are now asking a court to decide, by a
method called, not counting all votes cast, or some not counted.

Only made worse by a court deciding vote count of any election.

What occurs as a result of any opinion, then determines election.

So anyone claiming otherwise, or mandating such, is a breaker
of the legal intent of the Constitution & not protecting any voter
right to cast a vote in any election that their I.D. allows for, in an
area that the election covers. I.D., meaning any valid form of it.

No, not by any make shift/dated voter registration list, or by any
method attempting to take that right away, rather than protect.

Especially applies to all of those evil people trying win an election,
by any means or method of adding to the count, by not counting.

Means the same as just plain vote stealing, allowing or subtracting
of by just not counting, whatever reason and by whichever group.

Particularly not by an opinion blocking any such counting, instead
of allowing that all votes cast are to be counted & to be recorded.

All of the time, period. Meaning in all elections, both big and small.

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