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Friday, December 10, 2004

Tribute to the Blues: US Style

"Blues Men: Detouring the Crossroads" Posted by Hello

Our best to the renown Mr. James Brown

Our Very Best Wishes & A Get Well Soon ASAP, Blog-USA. Posted by Hello

Africa: Kinshasa 'drc youth group 'playing songs of

Hello to the: kinshasa_drc_youth_guitars; from BLOG-USA. Posted by Hello

Congradulations Mr. Kerik on the [un-]nomination; that [was an] unreal 'resume story.

Whoa, Mr. Bernie Kerik: he's
- a conservative with a liberal
'resume, only in NYC could it America Posted by Hello

Rove ['spies (on) u.s.] on the 'left/Rice [college 'prof] on the 'right...a 2-fer.

Rove (on left; aka. 'double/agent) Rice (rt.,
Prof: 'history-major, aka. 'national security
'specialist; in charge of NSA on ~ 9/11/01 ~
now pending/head of the State Department.) Posted by Hello

"Presidential Cabinet Background Checks...who's in charge of them..."

"Who does the 'resume background check
for Presidential Cabinet Post picks...FBI...
or others...just being curious George here. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 09, 2004

EXCESSIVE EXAMPLE: "US judge awards...victim's parents $156m"

2004 Dec 9 (blog-usa)b title:



Another reason why U.S. founding fathers thought it
important & relevant to separate: OUR church & state.

When judges are appointed for life, it does not always
mean for the full, or entire, term. One recourse may
be "impeachment" the other would, of course, be death.
The natural kind that is. And God has domain over both.


"Jerusalem Post Breaking News from Israel, the Middle
East and the Jewish World [:]"

"US judge awards terror victim's parents $156m."

"The parents of an American teenager killed by gunmen in
the West Bank won US $156 million ( 117 million) from three
Islamic groups and an alleged Hamas fund-raiser, one of the
first jury awards against institutions based in the United States
accused of supporting terrorism."

"A federal court jury set US $52 million ( 39 million) in damages
Wednesday in the suit brought by the parents of 17-year-old [-]
David Boim, who was shot near the Israeli settlement of Beit El.
US Magistrate Arlander Keys tripled the amount in accord with
US anti-terrorism law...". [ doubt part of U.S. Patriot Act...]

"Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Dec. 9, 2004"
"This article can also be read at [:]"
Copyright 1995-2004 The Jerusalem Post -

"Sub-Saharan Africa's children worst off : Unicef"
 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"National Security? Re'publicans react after-the-fact, like law-enforcement"

"When Re'publicans think maybe it's time to react
on National Security: firing of anti-aircraft missile" Posted by Hello

"Re'publicans 'missed it on 9/11 & Iraq: What makes you think they got it right on the Cold-War 'end-theory?"

"A differant angle of fully functioning re: 'Cold-War
Missle-Bearing cruiser submarine, not- U.S.A. one." Posted by Hello

"U.S.S.R./Russia is getting kind of pushy lately, why? Mr. Putin, ex-KGB worker?"

"U.S.S.R. Atomic Submarine equipped [- - -] cruise
missles - Project 949A (Smolensk) --- x -- cold war" Posted by Hello

"Did you know, U.S. has a National Photographic Interpretation Center?"

"National Photographic Interpretation Center" Jobs?Posted by Hello

"BUSH: In control, or just out of control...maybe all hat, no alamo"

"The GOP/RNC/Bush Card Game where nobody wins..." Posted by Hello

"Bushed: ''d...kay-sir-ra'd...whatever will be"

"War is just another funny joke to...a boy & his G.I. Joes" Posted by Hello

"A blind man in a room full of deaf-people..." post-Bush: Paul O'Neal

"Commander-in-Chief: A.W.O.L./no combat resume" Posted by Hello

"Bush states in Woodward's book: "I answer to a higher father..."

"send hail ['Father Moon'] via me...
for I am the grim-reaper's agenda" Posted by Hello

"Flight [77] tracker on plane disabled (...flight [route] estimated 9/11/01)"

"4-flights of 9/11/01-note "early U-turn-N" F-77 at bottom" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Each & Every Generation Remembers Pearl Harbor"

"Each Generation Remembers In It's Way"

"Pearl Harbor Memorial - the Arizona & water lilies"

"The Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor"

"December 7th, 1941 -- Naval Dispatch"

"Date: 7 DEC 41



"The Duck Stops Here, Private U.S. Security Investigation Cyber-Sleuth"

"Duck Stops Here, Private U.S. Security Investigator" Posted by Hello

"Our President is one-person already over-seeing all National Security matters"

"Home of the person in charge of the NSA, etc" Posted by Hello

"The N.S.A. has only one job: all of our National Security - Period, end of ducking responsility for all 9/11 mis-calculations"

"The U.S. Agency in charge of all National Security" Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

Intelligence: "GOP" same as "RNC" made up of "Re'publicans"

06-Dec-04 (blog-usa) title:

Intelligence: "GOP" same as "RNC" made up of "Re'publicans"

Welcome back, Grand-Old-Party (GOP) -- same as the
Republican National Committee (RNC) meaning that both
are the same group, or as the Bible wrote: [Re] 'publicans.

Regarding, National Security and/or Intelligence management.

It doesn't really matter if anything changes now about any of
intelligence agencies regarding how, or if, any information is
managed. Period. Because, good intelligence was available
prior-to the 9/11 attacks -- but it was not acted upon properly.

This means at the Senior most levels of any use. The NSA,
or the Office of the President of the United States. Our best
information was available to the top-chain of Command. As
now after all events of that day. Which has been noted as far
back, or as early as 1993 -- at least. Irag becomes seperate.

So really the only changes that actually need to change is
we return to the "position" of the intelligence departments at
[09-10/12-01] and start 'firing' or 'resigning' those individuals
that 'willfully' ignored pending threat information, or was not
stead-fast in backing their positions. Or allowed some others
outside the 'CIA agency to direct, or redirect information. And
the same regarding intel supported by domestic info of - 'FBI.

Meaning that enough information was available to this "GOP
Administration on, or about, FY-2000 and as such, was then
increased and/or added to for the remaider and into the 2001.

Meaning the last in the 'Chain-of-Command did not take the
threat information (serious) and/or has not learned from those
mistakes. Which have been repeated in Afganistan & now Iraq.

The (CIA) is not a (domestic-chartered agency) and that is not
now needed -- other than wrong-headed desire, to allow it one.

For such, and for same, the FBI is Domestic, and only in usual
situations -- should it be allowed to become an international one.

The real intelligence-problem and there is a large, growing one.

Has been the use, as primary, intelligence information gleaned
from both the Department of Defense (DoD) and/or by use of the
agency known as the "Pentagon." Both of which have cross, or
as opposing purposes with our domestic intelligence agencies,
either the FBI -- or in stituation when the CIA has provided intel
to the FBI and/or the present GOP/RNC Admisistration -- who
mades the final decision -- when and/or "IF" to act, or to defend.

It's really that simple. The hard "slog" is getting the info to table.


With all due respect to - Wives, Families & Friends of anyone lost
on 9/11 -- regardless of which political party you may support and
regardless of whether you are in support of this piece of legislation.

All we need now is the same thing that we needed on 9/10 -- people
to do the job they were hired, or appointed to do -- or suffer a review
and/or firing, or resigning, for not doing even a minual level required
performance for their job, or as decribed by their departmental letter
of "employee/employment-position-expectations, etc., duties/oath.".

2004 (c) U.S.A / (d) 2004 World Rights Reserved/claimed}
please return via the "google" toward:

"The Bush/McCain New-RNC 'Moral Election-Capital Group/Reform, Inc."

"The New-Moral RNC/Bush Election-Capital" Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

"Map of Kashmir - Pakistan & India" Posted by Hello

"As likey, bin Laden nabbed in sleepy London town martini-bar"

"oo26 nabs bin Laden in London martini-bar" Posted by Hello

Re- "Wanted: Dead-or-Alive" to bin Laden promise from Bush?

Undercover Bush, "O Major Terrorista Mundial?" Posted by Hello

"Now President Bush, is 'outsourcing' on Osama bin Laden..."


2004-12-05 title: ['04(c)blog-usa(d)'04]

"Apparant President Bush, indifferant to Musharraf's
still as 'friendly' with Osama bin Laden connections?!"

World News, WASHINGTON -

"The search for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden
has gone cold and there is no indication of his
whereabouts, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf
told the Washington Post in an interview published on

Stated that "("[bin Ladin] is alive, but more than that,
where he is, no, it'll be just a guess and it won't have
much basis,") Musharraf was quoted as saying in the

Meaning, that he has some "basis" to access "is alive."

"Musharraf met on Saturday with U.S. President G.
W. Bush, who praised his ally's efforts in the war on
terrorism and the search for bin Laden...".

Example of 'Bush's RNC - USA' double-standard"

"("The [Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf] has been
a determined leader to bring to justice not only people

like Osama bin Laden, but to bring to justice those who
would inflict harm and pain on his own people [added,
or India],") Bush said after [U.S./Pakistani] meeting in
the Oval Office."

"google" to locate:
{rockin' the-free-world & others -- 'look-out viewer -- space1}