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Friday, December 17, 2004

Is it Ann (or Andrew) Coulter? Maybe steroid abuse for (Ms. to) Mr. Arnold?

Le Femme # 1 and/or 'twins?

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17-Dec-04 (freapj-2) title:


Is it Ann (or Andrew) Coulter, media marvel?
~ & ~
Maybe steroid abuse for (Ms. to) Mr. Arnold?


Only the GOP knows? Do they know anything about
anything these days? But then, a conservative knows
everything about everything. Just ask them, they'll
tell you. If not call "Fox" & they'll read you the RNC
talking points for the day. Or just make it up for you.

Well, the word is out in the public media, after having
floated around in cyber-space for sometime. Ms. Ann
Coulter has an official, yes, "adams apple." A physical
attribute know only in medical science as part of the
male species. Sorry, Ann. But on national T.V., what
did you expect. Good job though, you wear it well. I
was confused for several years. And, after all, this
is American, land of freedom & opportunity. Be as
you be. Or whatever, as long as you're protected
by the Constitution. You know, that trash you do
like to burn. Maybe there's hope. Drudge always
was a host to have you, one on one, on late night.

After Mr. Kerik failed to vet his background, our
opinion, all resumes of the republicans are now
in question. For example, the present governor,
recall, out west. Anybody checked his real birth
certificate? Not the copy he provided for moving
here, several years ago? But, in the 'ole country.

Besides, since Arnold has launched a campaign
to amend Article 2, Clause 5 of the United States
U.S. Constitution that bars foreign usurpers from
becoming President. And we still have time, why
not re-check a few key points on his resume?


"...No country in the world would even consider
having a foreigner as their President or their
Prime Minister."

"On top of it all, Arnold Schwarzenegger has
never given up his dual-citizenship with Austria,
and he is continually involved in Austria's internal
politics. The Arnold camp has talked about how,
if he can't become US President he might move
back to Austria and become President there. Good."

"Good riddance...After all, Arnold has campaigned in
Austria before...for nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim."

"At the height of an international scandal in 1986
Arnold said in front of a crowd of family, friends and
news media that he didn't care about Waldheim's
nazi past, he was going to support him. He was
even on campaign posters."

"Even if you want to ignore all of the evidence
showing what a dark character Schwarzenegger
is, then pay attention to the polls which indicate
that the vast majority of Americans, even naive
Arnold supporters don't want him to be President."

"Arnold's people certainly know this. That's why
they've had everybody from Sen[.] John McCain,
Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Orin Hatch, to
Congressman Dana Rohrbacher out stumping
for him...prior to his high-level political operatives
launching this transparently fake ("grassroots")
campaign, Amend for Arnold...and, as Arnold has
said, ("where there's smoke there's fire,") his
admission that he has used steroids makes him
a horrible role model to children and athletes."

"It just goes on and on...Scores of prominent
people on both sides of the political spectrum
have written editorials and appeared on television
decrying Arnold's reprehensible behavior."

"All of that ended when he was elected Governor."

"Now the mainstream media fawns at [his] feet,
despite the fact that polls show that 80+ percent
of Americans are opposed to [having] a foreign
born President. Even more are opposed in polls
where Arnold is mentioned...".

"("What is this, a sick joke? would
even entertain the idea of having a foreigner for
President. And who is the elite pushing? Arnold
Schwarzenegger -- who has more skeletons in
and out of the closet than a mausoleum.")" (1)


Could one of those skeletons be gender related?


"All conservatives are such from personal defects.
They have been effeminate by position or nature,
born halt and blind, through luxury of their parents,
and can only, like invalids, act on the defensive."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


"This Austrian-born actor began his career as a
body-builder, ultimately winning several titles
for his strength and magnificently sculpted body,
including {"Mr. World,"} {"Mr. Universe,"} [--]
(five times) and {"Mr. Olympia (seven times)."}"

"As a shy boy, afraid of his father, he turned
to lifting weights. He moved to...U.S. in 1968
where, for a {"day job,"}...started a bricklaying
business...laying the foundation for the career
that eventually brought him fame and fortune."

"In 1970 he appeared in a low-budget film,
{"Hercules Goes to New York."}
The film was not notable...". (2)

(1) source: "Arnold Exposed, Save The Constitution
Expose Arnold" [@] Arnold
(2)"Arnold Schwarzenegger Born 30 July 1947,
04.10 am Graz, Austria..."

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M.& M. Arnold: Le Femme # 2

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M.& M. Arnold: U.S. 21st Century 'metro-man, or just another moderate 'girlie-man?

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Where's the U.S.? Jamaica has received $4 million worth of building materials from Germany for victims of Hurricane Ivan.

[photo credit: {re:}
Copyright© 2000-2001 Jamaica Observer. ]

"President of Central Jamaica Conference
Everette Brown hands out letters to aid
recipients for the collection of building
materials from selected hardware stores."

"Dr Christian Hausmann, German ambassador,
is in the foreground at centre." ------------------ Posted by Hello

17-Dec-04 (blog-usa) title:


"The Adventist Development [&] Relief Agency
(ADRA) Jamaica has received approximately
$4 million worth of building materials from
the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) for

victims of Hurricane Ivan in the Portland
Cottage and Rocky Point areas."

"The material was distributed Monday on
the playfield at Portland Cottage."

"Portland Cottage and Rocky Point were
among the hardest hit areas in Jamaica."

"Those who received supplies were assessed
by the relevant government agencies and
ADRA-Jamaica personnel, as the worst-affected."

credit article titled: "Sweet Relief" posted by this link:
"Sweet Relief" by the Observer Reporter
Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Time to put an end to the U.S. Electorical College and start having Direct Elections.

14-Dec-04 (blog-usa) title:

Time to put an end to the Electorial College & instead
have Free, Fair, and Direct Elections by the People...[ysn.]

"Under the Federal system adopted in the U.S. Constitution,
the nation-wide popular vote has no legal significance...".
[Noted: Craig Morris (11.12.2004) - Germany]

Morris also observed, "...there is one thing that makes the
electoral college undemocratic regardless of all the practical
considerations there may have been: electors are not bound
to vote according to the popular vote. They can vote as they
wish. And a few renegades have been doing just that again
and again in the past 50+ years...".

"In practice, however, electors can vote for anyone they want -
even for a candidate who didn't even run for office and thus did
not de[serve] any of the popular vote [and] not just a theoretical
possibility; it has already happened."

"While 28 states have passed laws [-- reference cite noted at; ]

[--] making (" faithless electoral votes") illegal, it remains to be seen
whether these laws can be enforced, since electors are probably
[could be considered as] federal, not state officers."

"In other words, they do not act on behalf of a state, but rather
perform a federal duty." [As they meet seperate, and after, any
election event, and are the only votes "as legal" to the election.]

"And at the federal level, there is no law prohibiting faithless
electors. Morris further reviews and questions, "Why was this
allowed when the college was founded?" Then answering, "Well,
one reason is probably sheer incompetence. Opponents of this
policy simply overlooked this possibility and thus failed to fight
against it." [Say what you will, but a clear observation from a
person that is showing, probably, to be more informed about the
workings of our American Democratic System than over 50% of
our registered voters. Not to mention the majority of all of our
citizens, also.]

Morris adds, "On the other hand, the founding fathers who opposed
democracy seemed to feel that the college would protect the country
from becoming all too Democratic." [Meaning protect from people]

"For instance, Alexander Hamilton, the main author of the
("Federalist Papers"), wrote of the college: [Hamilton was not for
the strong state, but for a even more strong federal government]"

"A small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from
the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information
and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations.
Americans do not have direct elections for their president; rather,
they vote for the people who then vote for the president for them."

Morris, "While this may, at first glance, appear to be the same kind
of system used in many other democracies, in which the party that
receives a majority or a coalition of parties with a majority elects a
prime minister from its ranks, there are two major differences."

"First, it is not the US Congress that chooses the president, but a
completely separate body created solely for this purpose." [college]

"Remember: the founding fathers wanted a clear separation
between the executive and legislative." [And apparantly, between
the voters to]

"They [~ American's ~] wanted a president, [but go]t a prime

"The second difference is that the electors can vote as they wish,
regardless of the popular vote." [Meaning, second guess, or other]

"As James Madison wrote in 1823: [noting any electriol voting
change potential?]"

"Altho' generally the mere mouths of their Constituents, they may
be intentionally left sometimes to their own judgment, guided by
further [added: or another's choice and/or another's provided]

Morris further notes, "In other words, when Americans vote for
the president they are only making nonbinding proposals."
[ other words -- the one you wish to win the election]

Continuing with American History, "A brief history of the college
[:] The college had hardly been founded when the first chaos

"Ironically, the first victim was an advocate of the college."
[Madison, fell first victum to his own projection]

"In 1808, 6 electors from New York refused to vote for James
Madison, giving their votes instead to a man named Clinton."
[not William J., but maybe 'funkadelic - George might have had
a connection to dissenting, even if only historically speaking.]

Anyhow James "Madison won anyway, which is why the event
has not exactly gone down in history." [Or, until now as we're
still addressing it.]

"In 1820, the college was at it once again. This time, we begin to
get a taste of how much the college was a gentleman's club."
[Now known as 'country-club set, or 'just the good ole' boys]

"James Monroe received all of the votes because no other party
had put up a candidate for the presidency, but a gentleman from
New Hampshire did the nation a favor and voted for John Quincy
Adams so that George Washington would be the only president to
have received a 100% majority." [Apparantly a 'cut towards Mr.
Monroe (Va.), more than a great praise for George Washington.]

Noting, "Incidentally, the three electors ("not voting") had passed
away between the popular vote and the electoral vote." [Which
still happens even today, or the possibility of it still remains as

Morris poses this question & observation, "Why have elections at
all if there's only one candidate? [Something happening more and
more today and appears to have no end in the near U.S.-future.]"

And, "A lot of Americans must have asked themselves the same 1824 elections did not even take place everywhere."
[Wonder now about something like this maybe by - 2008?]

"That didn't help matters much: when the electors convened,
they did not feel that there was a clear mandate from the people.
They thus voted for four candidates from the only remaining
party." [...a clear mandate...where have we heard that, this year
in fact, just days after the November 2nd, 2004 'public-voting.]

"No one won a majority, so the matter was referred to the House
of Rep[s.], which gave the election to John Quincy Adams."

Morris adds, "And you [American's] thought the proverbial fan
had been hit in 2000..." [We add now the hit of 2002 & pending
2006, maybe again -- if no corrections are make before hand.]

"Speaking of ("no one to run against"): the New York Times
reports that there was only one candidate for an office in many
states in 2004." [Likely the same in 2006 and probably 2008]

"For instance, in 75% of the races for the Senate in Arkansas,
73% in Florida, 70% in South Carolina, 62% in New Mexico, and
so forth."

"Overall, only seven incumbents from the House of Rep[s] (a total
of 440 seats) were not reelected. Incumbents are almost certain
to be reelected in the US because the districts or redrawn to
ensure this very outcome." [Texas, T. DeLay, & Virginia both...]

Again by Morris, "According to the New York Times, four of the
seven incumbents who were not reelected were Democrats from
Texas who had literally been cutout of their districts - a process
known as [political] gerrymandering." [Note, conditioned, RNC]

"In 2004, the Supreme Court [, Chief Justice William Rehnquist]
ruled [by a legal opinion] that {"political gerrymandering"} (as
opposed to {"racial gerrymandering"}) was not illegal." [Favoring
the -- political -party that, oddly enough, appointed him to the
Court, and promoted him Chief Justice of the Supreme & decided
the 2000 election as well -- by the -- infamous one vote margin.]

Morris, "Now let's jump ahead to 1876. We are skipping the Civil
War, but nothing much happened with the electoral college during
that time."

Recall, "In the meantime, the country was having real problems
remaining a union." [Now, kind of divided into distinct positions]

"And for its 100th birthday, the country celebrated with a
[then, or their vote/election] scandal: []"

"In Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, Republican voters
were apparently scared away from the polls, and everyone
spoke of fraud."

"(These states were incidentally also the only ones with federal
troops still stationed in them for Reconstruction.)" [Now, the U.S.
Patriot Act, or National Security issues...]

"According to the governors of these states, the Republican had
won the election, but the Democratic senates in these states
provided different figures for their candidate." [Still can't count,
or add votes, must be a traditional election time, U.S. math thing,
or now something that occurs each and every 2 years in U.S.]

"After Democrats in the US Senate threatened to filibuster the
Republican victory decided by a special ("Electoral Commission")
consisting - you guessed it - of a majority of Republicans, an
agreement was reached." [In other words, majority means the
compromise part is decided by them, agreement by no choice.]

"The Republicans could have the White House, but the South
would no longer be ("reconstructed")." [Which, should have
already been ended]

"... From 1880 to 1948, the Bible Belt voted Democratic, and
when this block finally disintegrated after 68 years the college
came back into the spotlight." [Which has historically been shown
to be the case in too many "electorical based" elections.]

"In 1948, an elector from Tennessee voted for the[n] Dixiecrat
Strom [died a honored GOP/RNC/Bush/Republican, but same
ole' bigot --] Thurmond." "It was a rebellion, not an honorable
act from the old gentleman's club...".

"The Democrats had reigned supreme in the South for some 70
years, but after 13 years of Roosevelt the party had become too
("liberal") for the South." [Too liberal then, too liberal now...]

Morris, "The Democrats would soon be calling for something
called ("civil rights")."

"Soon, they would force racial integration. Not exactly the kind of
thing [then] Southern whites were likely to take kindly to. But
[not ole'] Strom Thurmond, now there was a real Democrat from
the old days - a [con]man who knew that you might not be able to
leave the Union, but you could damn well see to it that it left you
alone. ("States' rights") was the ticket: the South knew how to
make its own laws, thank you very much, and the [U.S.] federal
government was to be as weak as possible." [Adding, weaking
those federal programs: like Social Security, now on the burner.]

"Here, we begin to fathom one of the greatest mysteries of US
culture and politics. As every child in the US knows, the first
[only] Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.
He didn't mean to; he just wanted to save the Union, and the
industrial capitalism of the North did not work well with the
slavery-based agriculture of the South (not to mention the
attitudes of ornery slave masters)."

"So in 1862, shortly before the Emancipation Proclamation, he
[Lincoln, who we at the blog, took the real republican party to his
grave with him] wrote:[]"

"If there be those who would not save the Union unless they could
at the same time destroy slavery, I do not agree with them. My
paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not
either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union
without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by
freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing
some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do
about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps
to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not
believe it would help to save the Union." [A republican believes
in union, this noble, if not flawed concept vanished with Lincoln.]

"Lincoln's Gen[.] William Sherman (of {"slash and burn"} fame)
promised the slaves 40 acres and a mule, but he was a general,
not a politician."

"The politicians would have none of it. All along, Republicans had
wanted to give blacks the same rights and opportunities as whites.
In other words, they wanted to exploit blacks just as they were
exploiting immigrants, not differently. The idea that a slave could
hardly become an informed citizen in a democracy overnight,
much less a successful entrepreneur - that was too academic for
the Republicans." [Now only academic at election time...]

"And the Democrats? [Morris] spent 22 years in the South.
There's a saying down there: ("The North loves the race and
hates the individual; the South hates the race and loves the
individual"). What does that mean? Well, during slavery lots of
white Southerners claimed that you couldn't just free blacks
because they would not be able to take care of themselves. And
anyway, they were well taken care of on the plantation. It may be
hard for many of my readers to imagine a grimmer cynicism, but
I assure you there is at least something to the first clause of that
Southern saying, for the North did nothing for blacks after they
had been freed. The North's ("love") of blacks was purely
philosophical, not practiced. [According to Morris's time here]
A little bit of this love for the individual did, however, eventually
bear fruit among the Democrats." [Noting the blog-usa votes
independent & is not registered to any major party, or the (2)]

"Some Southerners didn't take kindly to that and turned their
backs on their party- first, by trying to found a third party and
more recently by joining ranks with the Republicans...". [Where,
they still appear as the noted 'red-souther voters' of the GOP.]

[Which, by the way, is what the GOP/RNC/BUSH party is made
up of now. No more Lincoln(*) -- as they probably helped bury
him then, or when they then realized slaves would be freed,
which was helping northern industries & site now called Wall St.]


Which returns us to the topic of today, that it's "Time to put an
end to the Electorial College & instead have Free, Fair, and Direct
Elections by the People..." of these United States. In order, to re-
establish that principle of "a more perfect union" with equal rights
and/or justice for all Americans.

Especially, the millions that have already died for what they
believed this country, America, really stood for -- and not just
how a "sum" had done.

This would be particually true at this time of Holy Season
& with our troops being put in harms way in other countries
-- for a democratic purpose not yet achieved, or truly put in
place by laws, in this America -- under the U.S. Constitution
-- and as our founding fathers -- along with the blood of all and
our great-great-great grandfathers fought for, and all principles
they died because of -- and died believing really mattered to us.

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