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Monday, January 17, 2005

Less Hope & More Problems, for the upcoming Geo. W. Bush second term


17-Jan-05 (blog-usa op_ed) title:


(i.e., meaning in reality, not by polling)

Less Hope -- More Problems -- Bush's Second Term:

With a media now at full spin and information out that
the Bush Administration has been paying individuals to
speak positive things their programs (i.e., mislead or lie)
a second term can only bring less hope/more problems.

This administration now has zero credibility with citizens
here and abroad. Not to mention the other world nations.

And this is by their own party's doing. The RNC/GOP.

First power was grabbed in the 2000 election. Legal
action, not election, selected an individual less than
able to protect & serve this country. Records clearly
show that by past performance (i.e., National Guard)
- any required personal service was less than agreed.

Meaning that Bush took an oath, but then just took off.

Did not do his duty, dis-obeyed orders and dis-honored
the uniform of then National Guard of the United States.

Likewise, prior to September 11, 2001 with reasonable
and a credible intelligence warning of a pending attack,
or the very likely possibility of, went on vacation instead.

Instead of just having taken a few extra hours for review
and insure that the nation's national air protection system
was in place, working properly, and ready to go on notice.

Contrary to logic, and common sense, has wasted a large
amount of money in order to gain favor in certain circles.

Meaning the looting of the national surplus under the 'guise
of a tax-cut method. Even while the economy was slowing.

Not to mention the use of questionable closed-door means
in order to pass purely partisan legislature, also in-order to
gain additional political favors via corporations & business.

With this administration, this country has now been lead,
kicking & screaming, to the edge of a dark hole and with
the start of a second-term, is about to be pushed over it.