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Friday, January 14, 2005

No chance of peace in Middle-East until Prime Minister Ariel Sharon resigns.

Opinion: There will not be any serious attempts for peace while
Ariel Sharon is Prime Minister of Israel. However, no one cause
is ever worthly if individuals are called upon for self-destruction.

Likewise, deaths of children on either side is equally wrong, not
right for either side. Neither does rocks equal rockets. Nor does
bombs out weight tanks and planes. If your country is war-like
then it's at war with itself -- then others. U.S. not excluded. No
lasting peace has ever been born out of death-for-death means.

If Sharon really wanted peace & a free neighbor, it would happen
tomorrow. Likewise, if Hamas wanted their family's & friend's to
be safe in their own country -- it could happen tomorrow. There's
no salvation, under either's faith for what is now happening period.

Only the sadness & sorrow of death for both sides. Shame on both
side's supporters -- or those that help supply dealth to this region.


Israel cuts Palestinian contacts

* Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered a freeze
on all contacts with the Palestinians until their newly elected
leader acts against militants. *

The announcement comes after militants killed six Israelis at
a Gaza Strip crossing point on Thursday night.

The attack was a blow to Mahmoud Abbas, who was elected on
Sunday amid hopes he could promote new moves toward peace.

After his election, Mr Sharon called Mr Abbas to congratulate
him and said he hoped to meet the new leader "soon".

But on Friday hopes for a speedy meeting appeared to be

"Israel informed international leaders today that there will
be no meetings with Abbas until he makes a real effort to
stop the terror," Mr Sharon's spokesman Assaf Shariv said.

A Palestinian cabinet minister, Saeb Erekat, confirmed the news.
"We call on the Israelis to resume a meaningful peace process and
dialogue because this is the only way to break the vicious cycle of
violence," Mr Erekat said.

Joint responsibility for Thursday's raid was claimed by three
Palestinian groups, including Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs'
Brigades, which has links with Mr Abbas's Fatah movement.

Three Palestinian gunmen were killed in the attack at Karni,
the main crossing point for food and vital supplies into the Gaza
Strip, home to 1.3 million Palestinians.

Mr Abbas, the successor to the late Palestinian leader Yasser
Arafat, said the bombing and shooting raid at Karni, as well as
Israeli military actions, "do not benefit peace".

He had been hoping to persuade militant groups to agree to a

Israeli raids in the Gaza Strip over the past week have also left
several Palestinians dead, including a man driving a pregnant
neighbour to hospital.

The news that contacts have been cut is a huge setback for the
new leader - who is not even sworn into office until Saturday -
says the BBC's James Reynolds in Jerusalem.

Israel has made clear that it will resume contacts if Mr Abbas
confronts and reins in the gunmen - but Mr Abbas has based
his tactics on talking.

His strategy is to talk to the gunmen to try and co-opt them
rather than confront them, and to talk to Israel to try to draw
concessions from them.

But this strategy cannot work if ties are cut off with one side,
says our correspondent.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/01/14 19:45:42 GMT