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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wild Boar Seen Chasing Man in Poland


[AP] Posted [this article] on Thu, Jan. 06, 2005

** ** Wild Boar Seen Chasing Man in Poland ** ** *

Associated Press* *WARSAW, Poland - *

A man escaped unscathed after a boar chased him around a hospital parking lot in southwestern Poland, the hospital spokesman said Thursday.

Cameras monitoring hospital grounds in the city of Legnica captured a boar who approached the hospital's main entrance and then crossed the path of an unidentified man before dawn on Wednesday.

When the man tried to flee, the boar pursued him around a parked car for a few minutes until it apparently got bored, Rafal Pilch told The Associated Press. "The man was taken by surprise and after a moment of consternation started to run," Pilch said. "The boar ran after him and chased him for a few minutes around a parked car and then left."

The man did not need hospital treatment. Pilch said he did not know where the boar came from, but it could have been one of two tame boars owned by a nearby inn specializing in traditional Polish cuisine.

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