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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bush's Traveling Salvation Show

~ 30-Apr-05 ~ Saturday's Weekly Dues

{blog-usa ~ ye: satirical edition} (c) 2005

Title: Bush's Traveling Salvation Show

Brother Bush's Traveling Salvation Show

The President's recent appearance on the cable news
networks, reminded many Americans of how out-of
touch our fearless-leader really is. Brother Bush, on
the other hand, is as happy as any 1-National Guard
personnel who is alive today for Vietnam's Thirtieth.

Just think of the courage it must have taken back in
2000, waiting for Scalia to cast that 5-vote decision.
Conflict-of-interest, HELL, Cheney's just my friend.
Imagine, just sitting on vacation, wishing 4-Sept-11.

Yes, it's a tuff-job, that's why Bush gets paid, 2-times.
If they don't like you as President, then make them an
offer that they can't refuse, as "Commander-In-Chief".
Onward to war, I'll be standing here guarding z--door.

Welcome to the Bush{Delay}Rove & Recession

Even some moderate supporters are now showing a
little worry. Maybe because they drive cars, as well.
After the recent prime-time rhyme-conference, one
lady opined that, Mr. Bush's tank -- was always full.
Thank-you America, but especially thanking Jesus.

Dialing for dollars is trying to find a Bush. Oh Lord,
won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz & a tank of gas.
Just wants to drive to Arabia and visit family friends.
Can't blame a hard-working bloke for a vacationing?
Only in America can the least endowed rise so high.

If you loved oil-spills, wait till your sea-glows

Brother Bush's comments & interview highlights:

"What energy problem?" Bush's solution, just 'nuke-it.

"So out come the protesters, hell-no we won't glow!!"

"Must be that bunch of candle-totting ~ liberal-sinners."

"1-Utah can handle all of that 'nuke-clearal' waste stuff."

"He's a personal friend of mine & he's got a big truck."

"Remember those infamous words from the Alamo."

"Ask what you can do for Social Security -- not what it
can do for you. That's why 'w. spent the all the surplus."

"So you wouldn't have to worry about Social Security."

"Thanks America & little news-people and good-nite."

Don't ask the Delay to campaign there in person

Now that all those old military bases are closed, why
don't we convert them into oil-refineries? None - of
our troops should be back anytime soon, so why not?
And while we're on the subject, Israel needs the bomb.
Or bigger bombs. How about ten (10) bunker-busters?

Things have been just a little too quiet in the Middle-
East. Bless that Iraq for taking up the slack in turmoil.

While we're at it, send some fighter planes to Pakistan.
After all they're our friends now, protecting bin Laden.
We should forgive them for giving Iran all the nuclear
information, plus helping Afghanistan before ("9/11").

Brother Bush has only got just a little over three-years
left to war with the world. So as long as the Treasury
is able to print money, you can bet Rummy will spend.
Lincoln is probably spinning in his grave & FDR also.

While Ben Franklin could just take a break in Europe.
And wait till the economy completely tanks. But that's
Poor Richard for you, not the Brother's Bush standing
just outside of the 'OK-Corral' – Dodge City, Florida. {rip}

Next, Brother Jeb Meets "Quick-Draw McGraw"

Possible cell-phone conversation:

"Here I am in Tampa, honey, where in the hell R-U?"

Later, while waiting at the bar:

"Hey there buddy, don't you be giving me no meany
looks. I've called the Governor and here's Mr. Dirty
Harry. Sorry officer, but that clown had a straw-out."

To the news-reporters outside:

"Thanks NRA. After all, Jesus wasn't armed was he?"

Bad-boy, bad-boy – what's you gonna do...

"Listen, Mr. Bud 'Nascar' Weiser, you're under arrest."

Just as the head gets pushed back into the patrol-car:

"Quick, call my lawyer in Virginia, he's Jerry Farwell."

Breaking News at 11. Florida's new law gets tested.

Welcome to the drama, most of us can't wait for 'The
End' - Broadway - Bush's Traveling Salvation Show.