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Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Poetic Tribute to: Saint John Paul II


"Hi from Polish friend Anna"


"Tue, 5 Apr 2005"


"...I wish you the best and if you don't mind
I can share with you some new poem about
this wonderful Pope John Paul II which was
such a special person to all of us."

Kind regards


Thank you and goodbye

You were this man
Who made us believe
That we can
Change this land
our hands
That we can do
That we don't have to
Be afraid
That God is love
God is our power
And freedom too
That we should be proud
Of our roots through
All such a difficult years
We had to live with
That we should be together
That we should love each other
And believe
Because only this
Is worth something in these lives we live
Thank You
Dear Pope [ t ]
Thank you our lovely father
Thank you,
Your Holiness
For your wisdom
For your heart so open wide
Thank you to fill our souls by love
and pride of this land
Of this world
So beauty so full of miracles too
Thank you and Goodbye
On your saint way to heavens door
Beautiful man, wonderful father of all

Written by Anna Cellmer [of Poland]

Note from BLOG-USA:

Thanks to Anna for a moving tribute to Pope
John Paul II. It is very moving. Interestingly,
being one that barely finds enough time, lately,
to review all of the e-mails, it's only fitting that
we were able to locate this poetic-prose right
after Pope Benedit XVI submitted as to 'Saint.

Nonetheless & likewise, it is our understanding
that Anna Cellmer has now established herself
a reasonable copyrighted version of this poem.

Making her work (c) 2005 by Anna Cellmer &
with all rights reserved by her as sole author.
Similar, respectfully, using the songwriter's
standard, or method, by BMI Publishing of
-- Nashville -- New York -- & -- London.

With kind regards,

Cyber-Blog II

"Mother Mary, Grace of God, forgive us of our sins.
In the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit,