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Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush: President, then lawyer, judge, jury, and undertaker?

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Bush: President, then lawyer, judge, jury, and undertaker?

Even before September 11th, 2001 it didn't always appear
that this White House was on the same page, security wise
as the rest of the nation. No it appeared that they were in a
more aggressive posture. Going from nation to nation and
letting them know who was in charge and which treaty we
no longer enforced, or worse - was no longer a member of.

Yes, it was obvious to even independent supporters that it
was an administration hell-bent for leather and a timely hit
at their chip-on-the-shoulder may not be long in appearing.

Which, by the way, soon was denoted by this President's
daily briefing of August 6th, 2001. Most people still like
to compare everything as just a compete surprise. But it
now appears, in retrospection, that this group of political
ponies plan everything down to the last minor detail. So
how could such a group with all of this talent & training
have someone walk through each and every level of US
defenses? As it has been officially reported to have been
the case on 9/11. Had to believe right? Too good to be a
truism, maybe? What do “they” say, if it's too good to be
true, then it probably ain't. Additionally, & since nothing
is free – who really paid the expense tab - for all of those
trainers? Where's the review pending of that secret DOD
group that tracked the alleged hijackers. Who - OKed it?

The same group of stealth leader planners that knew of
the non-exist weapons of mass-destruction? Who then?

Who knows anything these days, other that what a media
big wants you to learn. Signed, sealed and paid for in "full"
by the lawyer, judge, jury, undertaker, or a cabinet maker
that may not like reading all of the directions? Or - worse,
one who can't be made to color a page - inside of the lines.