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Friday, December 23, 2005

Virginia court short-cuts the attorney general recount

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Virginia court short-cuts the attorney general recount

Giving visions of elections past, the Virginia three-judge
panel would not allow a full state-wide recounting of the
votes in their closely contested State Attorney General's
election. Even after a big margin for the Governors race.

It contrast the Virginia court even used a recount method
similar to that standard imposed during the 2000 election
for president. Where the state of Florida only allowed the
limited recounting of ballots instead of a state-wide count.

Virginia's court sided with the republican candidate holding
who, similarly as in 2000, held only the slightest count lead.

Later review of the Florida method revealed a count reversal
error in number of votes, or methods, used to determine that
race. A factor that would have likely reversed that win count.

As in Florida, Virginia's three-judge panel assumed that most
of the state's votes had been cast and counted correctly and as
such only recounted some precinct totals or the same numbers
that had been presently used to get to the point of such recount.

So, instead, the court found in favor of the Republican side in
the recount hearing and even determined where and what the
recount would actually, physically, recount. Which it in itself
produced a different total, or end result, than before the count
had ended on election night and the next morning. Giving yet
evidence, or pause that something was clearly afoot, or wrong
in the first place, or same numbers would have been produced.

Nonetheless, or in spite of, it was decreed as valid and as final.
Interesting that Virginia's ballots do not allow, or note, a party
affiliation beside the candidate's name. GOP could have lost 3
offices instead of just one. Noting the closeness of many races.